Disorder is a practical and modern C++ Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) library that implements the IEEE 1278 standard.

Disorder is free, open source, and released under the comprehensible and liberal terms of the MIT License.


Some of the main features of Disorder are:
  • full support for 1278.1-1995 PDUs
  • partial support for 1278.1-1998 and 1278.1-2012 PDUs (see limitations in the User Manual for details)
  • built-in simulation entity, object, transmitter, designator, and IFF management
  • built-in dead reckoning of entities and articulated parts
  • geospatial coordinate conversion
  • extensible framework for logging, PDU manipulation and transmission, defining and handling custom PDUs, etc.
  • optionally uses multiple threads to take advantage of modern multi-core CPUs
  • included SISO compliant enumerations and bitfields headers
  • basic support for working with DI Guy custom PDUs and standard variable records
  • leverages the goodness provided by other open source projects including ASIO, Eigen, SEDRIS, GeographicLib, and Google Test
  • extensive test suite to prove correctness and robustness across versions and platforms
  • good documentation



Bug Reports and Feature Requests

These things are handled through this redmine instance. Just make yourself a new account and submit your complaints and problems as new issues.


Patches should be submitted to our Review Board thingy. That way we can review them and provide you with feedback for each submission allowing you to track the progress of the patch. You'll need to make an account on our review board site and then you'll be able to submit things in any of the following ways:

If you use rbt or the mercurial extension, inform it that the Review Board server you want to talk to is at

Contract Work

The library author can be contracted to add features to the library, integrate the library into your project, or whatever else you want within reason.

Monetary Contributions

We accept donations in the form of old school check in USD only via snail mail. Why do we only use arcane technology for this? Simple. We don't want your donations to be fleeced by 3rd party clowns.

Make your check payable to Squall Line Software, LLC and send to:
Squall Line Software, LLC
3000 Murrell Rd #1512
Rockledge, FL 32956

Please indicate that your donation should go toward Disorder development and provide some information about yourself and some way for us to contact you to properly thank you for your contribution.

I Hate This Stupid Thing!

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